Studies in Masculinity, Femininity, and Relationships

A subject that has been a personal passion of mine—one that encouraged me to earn my MSc in Psychological Studies—is masculinity, femininity, and relationships, specifically our sexual relationships.

As a pagan and someone who’s very spiritual, I see the topic of masculinity and femininity being discussed a lot and I feel there is merit to studying these aspects of our cultures and societies, and how they impact our relationships. In addition, I’m passionate about improving our romantic relationships, communication, and our understandings regarding sex and sexual well-being.

So, I decided to dedicate a section on my website to writing about these very topics. Some entries might be just trains of thought or nerding out; some might be looking at how I view the topics of masculinity and femininity and how I see them in the media or society; but others might be deep-dives into readings I’m doing.

Ultimately, I wanted a space to document my interest and my studies, so I can see where I go from here.


What is Masculinity and Femininity?

First entry in the series, where I document where I currently am in terms of thoughts and ideas surrounding the subjects of masculinity and femininity. A long, wordy entry, but a starting point to see where I grow from here.