Blog and Article Writing

I’ve written articles for various online magazines, as well as on my own blogs and websites. Here are a few examples of blog and article writing I’ve done.

I write research-based articles for Psych2Go, which involved discussing psychology research in an easy-to-understand way and some of these articles are being developed into scripts for YouTube videos as well.

More examples can be found on my Achievements page.

Elephant Journal

The Power of Mourning our Rejections While Healing our Wounds.

A reflection on how mourning can help us overcome the pain of rejection.

My Blog

How Fantasy, Horror, and Sci-Fi Awaken Magic and Wisdom.

Genre fiction often gets a bad reputation. As someone that loves fantasy, I wanted write about it.


A Societal Shake-up: A Time to Overcome Outdated Beliefs on Men, Women, and Relationships Overall.

Talking about my thoughts on reasons why we still have so many conflicts between the sexes even today.


How Your Brain and Body Respond to Sexual Stimuli.

A research-based article discussing various sexual response cycles for human beings.


Does Sex Help with Anxiety and Depression?

A research-based article discussing how sex can help with different anxiety and depression issues.


8 Signs You’re Experiencing Sexual Tension

A research-based article talking through signs of sexual interest, attraction, and tension.

The Scottican Portfolio

I created the Scottican in 2020 to share my love of all things Scotland and Scottish culture. All content is written by me and I produce all video content as well. Topics cover anything from travel recommendations to advice for those moving abroad to folklore and more.

Clicking the links below will open up the entry on the Scottican website, as most include images as part of the reading experience.

Why Highlanders?

A deeper dive into our infatuation with the Highlander stereotype, looking at the romance genre; our draw to the magic of the Highlands themselves; and the aspects of the Highlander that still captures us today.

Reasons to Fall in Love with Scotland

The best way to kick off a new segment on the website that offers advice and insight for Americans moving to Scotland was to give readers five big reasons why they’ll absolutely fall in love with the country.

Doune Castle

A travel piece about Doune Castle that does not skimp on photos, but also includes simplified history, along with film and television tidbits and walking tour information about this famous Scottish Castle.

How Can These Skills Benefit You?

This portfolio showcases my love of Scotland and Scottish culture, but it also shows a variety of writing specialties. I’m able to dig deep into topics and research for my writing—as shown in both Why Highlanders? and Doune Castle. But I’m also able to write engaging, attention-grabbing copy that holds the readers interest, as with Reasons to Fall in Love with Scotland.

Why Highlanders? is reminiscent of a literature deep-dive. It began with the question of “Why are we so infatuated with Highlanders and why do we think this is what all Scots are like?”—and from there, I crafted an engaging piece that shows you can write reflective articles while keeping it simple for all types of readers. Additionally, I have an intense interest in studying the psychologies of masculinity and femininity, and this piece allowed me to combine that with my passion for Scotland.

Reasons to Fall in Love with Scotland fits in with a more contemporary writing piece that draws in readers with a catchy headline and easy-to-read content. It’s a piece that allows for quick but fun reading and pulls the attention immediately.

Doune Castle demonstrates that you can include history in your blog articles and make it readable and interesting! With the Scottican, I aspire to educate as well as share my love of Scotland, so I share history along with travel insights, but I do it in a way that doesn’t overwhelm readers.

If you’re looking for a travel writer or editor, the above pieces show that I’m capable and content to work with similar content.

A Spell Aine Portfolio

I explore different aspects of paganism, spirituality, Druidry, and tarot under the name Aine. It’s allowed me to delve into different subjects and my own thoughts while demystifying different spiritual concepts. I occasionally combine these subjects with different psychological studies as well.

Orgasms: A Response

This is a response to an Elephant Journal article which described women’s personalities based on their orgasm. This topic involves the subjects of masculinity, femininity, and human sexuality, all of which I’m intending to study with my MSc in Psychological Studies.

2020 Can Still Be Your Year

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, but there are little things people can add to their everyday lives to help celebrate the simple joys, which will help make 2020 a better year than it’s turned out so far. Here are 4 tips to help make the best of the rest of 2020!

How Can These Skills Benefit You?

These pieces represent my interest in exploring a variety of topics, even esoteric ones. I explore these subjects both through deeper introspection and also through research and study. Further, while these are only two examples, some of my writing includes looking into tarot, which I feel is a tool that allows for self-analysis and growth, and occasionally allows me to look at spiritual matters and subjects through a psychological lens. I will be using the blog on this website to write further on similar topics.

With Orgasms: A Response, I show that I’m comfortable talking about subjects that many are not comfortable discussing, and also writing in an engaging, easy-to-read way, while presenting studies and insight into a topic as personal as sex and orgasm.

With 2020 Can Still Be Your Year, I write in a “catch your attention” kind of way. This is an example of the capturing copy I can write—content that is meaningful, that hooks the reader, but also makes them feel good, excited, and motivated. It’s a conversation with your readers, a connection with the audience, that many are looking for right now.

Other Writing

I’m never satisfied focusing on only one thing—so I’ve let my writing take me wherever it wanted to go. In having various interests, it’s allowed me to explore many writing styles, research different topics, and hone in on details that are vital to each piece. This has given me freedom to write creatively, but also look at the details of each piece and determine how to make it better.

IT Chapter 2:
Review and Questions

A detailed review of my thoughts on IT Chapter 2—likes, dislikes, and shortcomings—and an in-depth look on what we need to see more of in the horror genre.

Engage Learners and
Make Learning Accessible

A more detailed piece on why it is vital we make more engaging learning tools for students and why we need to make learning more accessible overall.

Abstinence-Only: Abstaining Education and Raising Shame

A shorter piece on the subject of abstinence-only sex education, its complications, its downfalls, and why its harmful to young people. Written in 2020.

How Can These Skills Benefit You?

The above writing samples show a variety of writing skills I possess—from reviews which include a detailed look at strengths, weaknesses, and ways to improve a story to an in-depth look at something more academic in nature. Having versatility in my work allows me to offer numerous writing styles and tones.

IT Chapter 2: Review and Questions is an intense piece, but it could equally be viewed as a sample of how closely I look at details of a work—whether writing, film, or television—and how even the smallest details can affect the quality of said work. In being a precisionist with my work, I will be as detail-oriented to ensure every piece is as good as it can be.

Engage Learners and Make Learning Accessible was a reflection on studying topics myself, while also working in an industry where I often considered how to improve the user experience. How to keep learners engaged inside the classroom and far beyond is a question we should all be asking ourselves, and I’m happy to dig into more questions to improve learner experience.

Abstinence-Only: Abstaining Education and Raising Shame is one of the first pieces I wrote to being building my writing portfolio for for A.A.Jean Writes. I chose this subject because it’s one of my many passions: improving understanding and visibility of sexual education and well-being. It also demonstrates an ability to write about serious topics and delve into research.

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