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A Woman of Many Passions

Writing from the heart while using the head

I could never be satisfied focusing on only one thing—so I’ve let my writing take me wherever it wanted to go. In having all these interests, it’s allowed me to explore many writing styles, research different topics, and hone in on
details that are vital to each piece. This has given me freedom to write creatively, but also look at the details of each piece and determine how to make it better.

More Writing Portfolio

Each of the pieces below are examples of different writing styles and subjects I enjoy delving into. Clicking the Read More buttons will open up a page on the AAJean Writes website, allowing you to read each piece individually.

IT Chapter 2: Review and Questions

A detailed review of my thoughts on IT Chapter 2—likes, dislikes, and shortcomings—and an in-depth look on what I think we need to see more of in horror going forward.

Engage Learners and Make Learning Accessible

A more detailed piece on why it is vital we make more engaging learning tools for students and why we need to make learning more accessible overall.

Fantasy Writing Sample

This piece was originally the prologue of a fantasy novel I’m writing. The entire scene is set in a dungeon, and you will also find hints of subjects that occur within the fantasy series.

How Can These Skills Benefit You?

The above writing samples show a variety of writing skills I possess—from reviews which include a detailed look at strengths, weaknesses, and ways to improve a story; to an in-depth look at something more academic in nature; to a creative
writing piece set in a fantasy world. As stated above, I’m a woman of many interests and specialties, and I don’t like limiting my writing, editing, or researching to one thing.

“IT Chapter 2: Review and Questions” is an intense piece, but it could equally be viewed as a sample of how closely I look at details of a work—whether writing, film, or television—and how even the smallest details can affect the quality
of said work. In being a precisionist with my work, I will be as detail-oriented to ensure every piece is as good as it can be.

“Engage Learners and Make Learning Accessible” was a reflection on studying topics myself, while also working in an industry where I often considered how to improve the user experience. How to keep learners engaged inside the classroom
and far beyond is a question we should all be asking ourselves, and I’m happy to dig into more questions to improve learner experience.

“Fantasy Writing Sample” is one of the more creative writing samples that I have available here to really showcase the variety of writing I can do. It’s not just blog entries and copywriting. If you have a creative writing project
you’re looking for assistance with, I have experience in that as well.