How Can I Help?

I am able to assist with literary and editorial matters, including writing, editing, and marketing support for your projects and pieces. Below are examples of services I can provide for your written projects and descriptions of various types of writing and editing work I’m available to do.


I’m a practiced writer both in and outside the workplace. In earning a BA in Writing, and in managing several writing projects of my own—including several blogs; creative nonfiction pieces; an in-progress fantasy trilogy; and more—I’m confident in my ability to work with you and your unique needs for your writing projects, what ever goals you have in mind.

Some writing specialties and suggestions can be found below:

Often used for marketing or advertising materials, copywriting is concise, precise, and meant to draw in readers, buyers, or users. Having taken on several marketing placements while earning my MLitt in Publishing Studies, I can combine this understanding and need for marketable copy with my BA in Writing to craft specific and easy-to-read content for your projects and/or products.

I can write creative pieces for your blog to connect with and attract readers. As I manage several blogging and writing spaces with regard to my own passion projects, I’m comfortable crafting pieces of any length and working with various tones, such as informative and enlightening; engaging and informal; or research-driven.

If you have a specific writing project in mind, I can work with you to develop other written content based on your unique ideas and needs. Within this space, I include any other writing material you might be interested in, such as story-telling, ghost-writing, newsletter composition, etc.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Poetry
  • Essay


I’ve honed my editing skills for several years. In addition to earning a BA in English concentrating in Writing, I worked as a Peer Tutor and Editor in the Writing Center, assisting fellow students with their writing works and assignments; helping to find typos and errors in tone and consistency; and suggesting ways to improve writing overall. Further, editorial classes were fundamental to my first Master’s Degree in Publishing Studies, so I have plenty of educational experience to bring to the table.

Editorial work is a vital piece of the writing puzzle. I am just as meticulous in editing and focusing on all the little details in my own writing, as I would be for your individual literary needs. This is why I call myself a “Precisionist”—I enjoy looking for plot holes and asking questions while reading, so I’ll catch issues like that and address them with you before you publish that piece.

Development editing usually involves bigger writing projects, such as novels or books, very pre-publication. With this form of editing, I’ll read through content and provide detailed feedback on strengths, weaknesses, potential gaps in structure and pacing. With a novel, this will also include issues with characterization and setting, and any details that allow for questions to arise. This will not be a line-by-line edit, looking for typos or grammar issues, but rather a general edit that highlights bigger fixes that need to be made overall before focusing on the individual lines and writing.

Copyediting often requires looking deeper into the language and fine details of a written piece. I’ll dig into accuracy of the piece; look for typos and errors in grammar; and also note consistency errors. If needed, I will also research and ask probing questions to further ensure accuracy. The goal of copyediting is to clean the piece up to make it as readable as possible. This can be done for any of the writing samples listed above: blog articles; marketing copy; novel or publishing piece; etc. Copyediting can be done after issues noted in development editing have been addressed.

Proofreading is also a service I offer. This involves fixing typos or punctuation; addressing grammar errors; and looking for inconsistencies. This does not include an in-depth look at the line-by-line content or style, or extra research that may be required in other editing types. This is primarily a final check for a written piece.