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Spirituality—studied and simplified

Aine Spins is a space where I explore different aspects of spirituality, Druidry, and tarot. It’s allowed me to delve into different subjects and my own thoughts while demystifying different spiritual concepts. I occasionally combine
these subjects with different psychological studies as well.

Aine Spins Portfolio

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Orgasms: A Response

This is a response to an Elephant Journal article which described women’s personalities based on their orgasm. This topic involves the subjects of masculinity, femininity, and human sexuality, all of which I’m intending to
study with my MSc in Psychological Studies.

2020 Can Still Be Your Year

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone—but I still think there are little things people can add to their everyday life to help celebrate the simple joys, which will help make 2020 a better year than it’s turned out
so far. Here are 4 tips and how they’ll help make the rest of 2020 brighter!

How Can These Skills Benefit You?

These pieces represent my interest in exploring a variety of topics, even esoteric ones. I explore these subjects both through deeper introspection and also through research and study. Further, while these are only two examples, my
writing with Aine Spins includes looking into tarot readings and work, which I feel is a tool that allows for self-analysis and growth, and occasionally allows me to look at spiritual matters and subjects through a psychological

With “Orgasms: A Response”, I show that I’m comfortable talking about subjects that many are not comfortable discussing, and also writing in an engaging, easy-to-read way, while presenting studies and insight into a topic as personal
as sex and orgasm.

With “2020 Can Still Be Your Year”, I write in a “catch your attention” kind of way. This is an example of the capturing copy I can write—content that is meaningful, that hooks the reader, but also makes them feel good, excited, and
motivated. It’s a conversation with your readers, a connection with the audience, that many are looking for right now.