Political Scandals: Why Nothing Changes

I don’t know why I’m writing this. But I suppose that’s the purpose of a rant, right?

Anyway, politics, am I right? Anyone else annoyed by politics and politicians? Oh, just everyone in the world?

No, it’s not a hot, new topic. But we’re all frustrated with the state of the world, and most of us have a million different ideas that would make it better. And I’m sure thousands of those one million are actually decent ideas that would make a great difference for a majority of people.

And yet… nothing seems to change. It’s not as though people don’t make their complaints and voices heard. Petitions are signed. And there are so many ways to access our politicians today too. Whether via social media or writing or calling. Heck, we even have more access to see and hear what our politicians discuss during debates and can view bills before they’re approved.

So why does nothing change?

I’ve got a few beliefs on this. And they’re pretty obvious, but they are things we need to remember when we’re all eager to see the world change. Because if we can fix these issues, maybe we’ll have a better chance at actually changing the world.

People are Tired

I don’t just mean people are sick of the way things are. I mean they are literally exhausted.

Look at how so many people have to live. It may not be paycheck to paycheck (though there are plenty that are), but it requires long hours for little pay and even less appreciation. Coming home, having to deal with all the necessities of self-care: food, bathing, unwinding, sleep. Some even have parenthood duties to take care of. I’d say people are lucky if they can do all that and actually feel relaxed after a long day.

After all that, many don’t have the energy to enjoy life. Outside of work and home, what pleasures and hobbies do they pursue? Or do hobbies become a chore because we’re all being encouraged to monetize our fun?

Policies and politicians don’t change because we’re all too tired to hold them accountable. The people that need to do something—that need to care—are all the people who are exhausted. We’re working the long hours just to keep up. We are striving to enjoy the little free time we have.

And the politicians count on this. They rely on us all being too tired and overwhelmed to also care about their scandals.

People are Easily Distracted

Ever notice how a big political scandal can hit, and we’ll all be enraged about it for a few days… but then shortly after, something new comes along. And it’s like that first scandal never even happened.

Maybe not for all of us. Some people can hold that flame for a long time. And that’s great! We need those people.

But politicians expect us to immediately forget a scandal shortly after something new hits. Whether it’s the new iPhone or a new cover-up scandal.

And unfortunately, most of us do. Probably because we’re all too busy and exhausted in our own lives. We can’t hold politicians accountable for their crimes because we get distracted and lose focus on the crimes they commit. And when it comes time to take up our power as citizens and vote, we’ve forgotten the rage we once had.

Politicians count on this too. And I’m willing to bet the big corporations that continue to hold so much power over people—especially in the US where people literally have to rely on working specific jobs in order to get healthcare—also rely on people being overworked, underpaid, and distracted to themselves in as much power as possible.

People Lack Awareness

I’m not trying to say people are stupid or ignorant. Plenty of people really do try to stay on top of politics and stay aware of what’s going on.

But politicians have all the money and all the power. And they can very easily find ways to sway public opinion the way they want it. Either by spinning sob stories, or blaming someone else, or speaking in such a way that the average person finds it difficult to understand. Ever try reading a bill being suggested? If you’re not aware of ALL the different pieces surrounding that issue, it can sometimes be very difficult to comprehend.

This isn’t anyone’s fault (well, unless they are actively remaining ignorant and not trying to pay attention or learn).

And the media is happy to help most politicians, depending upon their affiliations. When the media is feeding us a certain agenda—whether to the right or the left—we can find ourselves brainwashed and not even realize it.

Is There Anything We Can Do?

It’s hard to say. We can’t force anyone else to change. And how are we going to fault people for not having the energy to also protest and fight when they’re too exhausted from life in general?

But I am a big believer in awareness. And I think having awareness of the world and self-awareness can be powerful.

Being aware that others are going through this should—HOPEFULLY—encourage a little more empathy. I am tired of all the aggression and condescension in politics and in social media discussions about politics. Being aware that others are in different mental places than you and treating each person with just a bit more kindness might make all the difference in encouraging someone else to step up a little more.

So, monitor yourself. Are you in one of these categories? Is there anything you can do to change it? Can you find a way to reduce work and life stress and dedicate even one hour a week to making your voice heard to politicians? Is there a way you can set reminders of all the things a politician did that you want to remember for the next election?

But overall, we have to realize that we do have the power. It is us that gives the power to politicians. And, sure, media and the silent power houses (e.g., the billionaires of the world) are working against us. But we have numbers on our side. They want us to forget that. And they want to keep us overworked and exhausted, distracted and occupied, and out-of-focus and unaware. That’s how they win.

Have more faith in our numbers. And find ways to take action. Because the way the world is going right now, it just isn’t going to work.

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