Amanda Aine Jean

Amanda Aine Jean is a writer, editor, researcher, creator, and a million things in-between—or at least it feels that way!

With a BA in English with a concentration in Writing, a Master of Letters in Publishing Studies, and a Master of Science in Psychological Studies, writing clearly isn’t her only passion, though it is her first. She loves exploring deep themes and ideas in her writing. She enjoys learning and expanding her mind regarding different subjects, which has made her an independent researcher, always hoping to connect different pieces together and solve mysteries. Beyond this, she also creates different content, depending on the platform; she records and edits her own YouTube videos, but also makes various graphics for each of her social media profiles.

In addition to writing stories, novels, and poems, she also creates content for The Scottican, her website on Scotland through American eyes, and for A Spell Aine, where she discusses paganism, spirituality, and tarot.

Areas of interest include:

  • Psychologies of masculinity and femininity
  • Human sexuality and sexual relationships
  • Fantasy genre
  • Improving sexual education
  • Improving communication
  • Paganism and spirituality
  • Tarot
  • Scotland

New Publication Announcement!

A nation must choose between upholding destructive traditions or evolving, as a vengeful but unknown creature from their history threatens to tear them apart inside and out.

Egis. A nation of tradition and restraint. Centuries ago, the Egians underwent The Conversion, wherein they were gifted the ability to enhance their senses and reflexes. In exchange, their men were cursed with the Aeris, a beast that may possess their mind and body, leaving violence and chaos in its wake.

Laws emerged to subdue this bestial side. Men were made to lock away this side of themselves until they married, and their brides were condemned to tame the beast within their men. Those who do not adhere to the strict laws set against men and women face the gravest consequences and punishments Egis offers.

But a new generation is rising in this nation where men and women are divided for protection. And each are coming to realize that the fate of their nation rests in their own hands.

Damian: a stubborn and stoic noble-born warrior, tied to traditions of Egis, finds himself on the front lines of an attack.
Ember: a fiery and bold noble lady, constantly pushing against conventions and demanding a new future in Egis.
Lillia: a quiet, highborn lady with sights set only on marriage and motherhood, as expected of Egian ladies.
Evander: a nobleman accused of treason who holds a secret that could destroy his safety in his home nation of Egis.

Will they find themselves on the side of tradition and security? Or is a time of revolution approaching?

18+ for adult themes, violence, and triggering/sensitive material.

Available on Kindle: US. UK.

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A Spell Aine

A separate page on the website, where I will share YouTube videos, graphics, and other pieces I’ve created for my A Spell Aine account, where I primarily discuss paganism, spirituality, and tarot, among other things.

The Scottican

A link that will take you to my website, The Scottican, where I write about all things Scotland—from travel and living abroad tips to stories and Scottish videos on the internet—focusing on an American audience.


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